Annual Report

2016 Annual Report

Corporate Standing and Bonding for the Heart of the Ozarks United Way is registered with the Office of the Secretary of State for the State of Missouri as a not-for-profit organization.  At the recommendation of the Board president, and the agreement of the Board of Directors, the Board purchased bonding insurance for the principal officers and the Executive Director. 


Heart of the Ozarks United Way operates according to the By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation adopted by previous boards.  Board members adhere to the Code of Ethics and are encouraged to sign a Conflict of Interest Policy. Diversity Policy was also added as a new policy for the Board Members to review yearly.

Executive Committee

As a key strategy to helping ensure a successful year, an executive committee met as needed.  The committee for 2016 included Jack Bates (President), Heather Peugh (Vice President), and Heather Butler (Treasurer).  Sara Stout, Executive Coordinator, also attended each meeting.  An agenda was issued in advance of all meetings.  Minutes were kept of all executive committee meetings.

Board of Directors

the Board of Directors meets monthly, the third Wednesday of each month at a meeting place established by the Board prior to the scheduled meeting. An agenda is issued in advance of all meetings.  Minutes were kept of all meetings.

Financial Statements

The budget for the year is approved at the Annual Board meeting held in January or February each year. The board treasurer maintains financial records and presents financial statements for review and approval by the full board.  A copy of each financial statement for the year is available upon request.


An independent audit is conducted by the accounting firm of Schultz, Wood & Rapp, and P. C.  The audit was presented to and approved by the Board of Directors.  The full audit report is available upon request.

Agency Selection

The possibility of United Way funding for qualified agencies is widely publicized in the media and through other means throughout Howell County.  For the 2016 Campaign twenty-one agencies responded with an application for funding.  Sara Stout was assigned as the liaison to all applying agencies.  The agency hearings were held on Saturday January 16, at Great Rivers Distributing in Pomona. The agenda for the hearing process is available upon request.  After the close of the Campaign in January of 2016 the Board reviewed the donation amount collected of $67,881.91 and determined that after general operating expenses the amount of $69,600 would be distributed to the following Agencies. A copy of the agency request/allocation analysis spreadsheet is available on request. (Website under construction, Annual Report and other information will be posted in the very near future.)

Agape House

Preferred Family Health Care

American Red Cross

Boys & Girls Club of West Plains

Boys Scouts



Christos House

Girl Scouts of America

West Plains Christian Clinic

The Media Arts Center (Partner Agency not funded)

Ozark Action Day Care

Ozark Family YMCA

The Salvation Army- Willow Springs/West Plains

Samaritan Outreach Center

Senior Citizens Club of Willow Springs

Special Olympics

Community Foundation of West Plains

West Plains Senior Center

Willow Springs Imagination Library

The Campaign

The campaign to secure funding for approved agencies for 2016 began In September 2015. Our Campaign Kick-Off Event was a presentation at the West Plains Greater Chamber of Commerce luncheon conducted by Jack Bates.  In September 2015, letters announcing the beginning of the campaign were mailed to campaign prospects, along with campaign brochures. Board members made personal visits and telephone calls to prospects, as well as making presentations to employees in larger organizations.

The Conclusion

As planned throughout the year, the campaign ended successfully in December 2015, with total pledges of $73,636.79. Funds approved by the Board of Directors will be disbursed in quarterly installments during 2016. Contractual Agreements were developed with recipient agencies and fully executed by authorized officers of the agencies and Heart of the Ozarks United Way. An example of the contractual agreement is available upon request. The Heart of the Ozarks United Way also maintained social media updates on FACEBOOK throughout 2016. Donors and individuals in the communities are encouraged to like the page and review updates.